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Wrath of the Gods: Natural Disasters and Catastrophes

For almost everyone, this topic sounds a little bit old-fashioned, a little bit out of date, but it is true, nonetheless. People say that human beings are the cause of climate change... human beings are the cause of the increase in natural disasters and catastrophes that we see in the world today.

I will not use this space to write about the science and the true science behind climate change, but I will use it to talk about something similar, something which is a little bit related to that topic. That is the fact that it is true, human beings are causing the increase in natural disasters and catastrophes, but it is not because of what we are doing in terms of carbon emissions.

Future Prospects

What is the reason? Well, perhaps 100 years ago, 200 years ago, or maybe 300 years ago... we would have to go back to find this opinion which states "natural disasters and catastrophes are proof of the wrath of God", or "that the gods in heaven are not satisfied and not happy with human beings on Earth."

How many of you can believe that? How many of you can consider that it used to be part of the common mythology, common religious roots that human beings talked about for so long. But with the rise of the Enlightenment and being able to explain everything with reason and logic, these kinds of beliefs slowly disappeared. And with the advent of monotheism, the idea of the gods and their many functions also disappeared, and it became either belief in one God or belief in atheism.

The idea of a multiplicity of gods kind of faded out from the picture here. At Victory of Light Media, we take an approach which is essentially political and media-oriented, but everything is from religious roots. And that is what gives us a sense of Justice to determine between right and wrong. And it also is what gives us the idea of what is important and what is trivial.

We know which are the main issues in the world today and which are the trivial issues which we do not need to cover, through our faith, through our religious outlook. We can take these two approaches, which is the clear distinction between good and evil and the clear distinction between what is important and what is not. It also opens the chance to talk about the spiritual topics. If gods on a global scale have shown their anger through natural disasters and catastrophes, then how come they are doing that? Well, it is complicated, in fact.

Why the gods are angry

But we can think the gods have a certain will for human beings on Earth and what they should do, what is correct to do. And on a simpler level, we can understand that they are against materialism and atheism. So human beings have, over the past few hundreds of years, stepped away from faith, stepped away from belief in the heavens and the will of the heavens. And that is the very fact that makes the gods angry. And then through their anger, they have been known to punish humankind and to punish humanity for their transgressions.

All this sounds old-fashioned, and it is not something that any other media is talking about, but Victory of Light Media will show our courage by speaking about such a topic because it is true, no matter how much we do not want it to be true. So, we can think that what really the gods wish for is for human beings to have faith, human beings to show their gratitude to God, and human beings to be humble before heaven and the high spirits, so that we do not make decisions based on only our brains. But we receive divine inspiration from time to time so that we can run this world and manage this world in an altruistic way, in a way which expresses the gods will for this world.

The Meaning of Revolution

In another way that is called "virtue," especially when it comes to government and the leadership of the people on Earth. We can think that if we can maintain a virtuous government for a long time, there will be fewer natural disasters. That is a truth you should all be aware of. And it is part of a kind of spiritual science by which this world runs.

So how do they express it? Well, one thing is through the major changes and revolutions which go on in this world.

The philosophy of revolution comes from an idea which says when unusual things happen, such as catastrophes, food crisis, water crisis, and big fires.

This shows that the will of the gods has changed, and the gods want a revolution. That is where the idea of revolution came from. It is to show that Heaven is calling for a great reformer to stand up and make a change. In the Old Testament, this is clearly shown through Moses in Exodus, through the power of the Lord of the Old Testament. There were many plagues upon Egypt, such as a plague of blood, or of frogs, or gnats, flies, livestock, boils, hail, locusts, darkness, and the death of the firstborn.

We saw so many plagues in Exodus of the Old Testament, and these were all proofs of the fury of the god of Israel, Yahweh, and he wanted the Jewish people to flee. So, he caused all these types of horrendous catastrophes and disasters to show Heaven's will is essential, and human beings should not transgress against Heaven's will.

Future Prospects

We also see this not just through those types of things, but also things like hurricanes and typhoons, flooding, and other natural disasters, such as forest fires or other types of water related or fire related catastrophes. What we have seen so far has seemed intense. We have seen a rise in these types of incidents occurring on Earth, but that is just the beginning now. We did see something that went even beyond the possible death count of such a disaster. What we saw was a virus outbreak on Earth. And some people have said this shows the will of the heavens is angry.

Of course, the virus had to spread through material means, and it would have to mean that the logic of the gods was operating behind-the-scenes in order to cause certain coincidences to take place. That is one idea. But moreover, this is not too big when we think about the potential for these types of things.

There has been history which human beings on Earth are not taught in schools anymore, things that people do not talk about in public. That is "things we can see back through some ancient texts," such as Plato writings. This speaks about Atlantis. There is another continent such as Mu, and another continent such as Lamudia. Well, all those continents have gone in the wrong direction.

Civilization went in the wrong direction, and people became more arrogant than God could tolerate. They mistook unhappiness for happiness, falsehoods for the truth, and wicked teachings for right teachings. God has judged those things as unforgivable in the past and has sunk such continents suddenly without warning. Those people who are living on those continents mostly sunk into the sea.

This is all ancient history which is not taught in the schools today. It is not accepted by mainstream media. It is not accepted by mainstream education. But it is true. And since it is true, we must study this and know this to know what we can protect against. Because if we know the worst-case scenario, we will know which direction we have to take to avoid it.

We can understand that: first, God wants us to have faith. He wants the people to not become materialistic and atheistic. He wants us to overcome hatred and warfare, which involves things in the modern age, such as nuclear weapons, biological weapons, potentially even weather weapons, or other even deadlier things which have not yet been used.

Avoiding the Worst-Case

If we can avoid those types of things and then elect people and choose people in the leadership positions and all our institutions that have virtue that can represent the Heaven's will through their virtue, this world will naturally have less and less disasters, and that has no relation to the amount of carbon in the air, no relation to the amount of greenhouse gases in the air. It is entirely separate. It is an entirely separate issue.

We must understand what we need in the world today in order to avoid such things. And in order to avoid the ultimate disaster of a continent sinking under water or a major worldwide natural disaster which causes millions of deaths. We want to avoid it. What we can do is reflect on ourselves on a personal level and regain our humility, our faith, and our virtue as human beings. And then through our individual virtue, we can start to lead others after we attain it. It all starts from within, and we must set ourselves straight before we move on to helping others and helping the world become straight.

It is all a part of our self-help efforts which leads to virtue and then leads to the happiness of all the people in the world and protects them against this worst-case scenario. So that is all for today. I hope you could stay with us and question your materialistic and modernist based ideas about the gods and be able to open your mind to new things. Thank you very much for reading.