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What is Happening in the Middle East?

Everywhere we look on the news, on TV, The Middle East seems to be the subject of conversation. What is happening in the Middle East, what is taking place between Israel and Hamas or Israel and the Palestinians? The more we think about it, we tend to take one side of the issue. I haven't seen many people discussing it from a dual-sided perspective, which seems to be a problem, because if people tend to think one side is completely right or one side is completely wrong, then this issue will never be solved, will it?

If only one side is right and one side is wrong, it seems to be that one side must completely defeat the other and force them to submission. And that's not what we want to see. But no one has been able to provide deep, deep answers to this problem. It's a problem that's been going on, of course, for thousands of years, stopping and starting, stopping and starting. And of course, after World War II, with the establishment of the Jewish state of Israel, we've seen this picking up and the flames of war never seemed to stop, never seemed to subside. Life goes on, and the world goes on, but this problem never seems to stop. So what's really going on here?

Well, Victory of Light Media takes a religious approach to the issue, and that is, we don't feel religion is the cause of this problem. And what I mean by that is "religion itself." The problem here is, well, it's multi-faceted. But if we just think about the religious teachings and the religions themselves, it's not a matter of right versus wrong. It's a matter of, for one, differences in cultural characteristics between the people who believe in each religion and a difference in the attitude of the founders of each religion.

I will break that down a little bit so that it's a little bit easier to understand since the structure of this conflict is so complex. There's a regional battle that still continues today from a long time ago, which is the European States, (which now includes America) against the Middle Eastern States. And, there's a history of a battle between cultures, and a battle between races, and then a battle of colonialists imposing their will upon a certain group of people.

This cultural factor exists as one of the three major factors of these problems. Islam doesn't accept the way that Western culture has

gone. Islam cannot accept a society which they view has become perverted in the sexual meaning, in terms of what they allow men and women to do, and in terms of the laxity of moral code imposed on them by the culture.

On the Western side, they view that the complete opposite, which is the liberation of men and women led to modernization, the independence of each person, and the advancement of science and culture. So that kind of perception between the two powers has never been fully resolved. Islam does not agree. The Islamic cultures and countries do not agree that allowing moral laxity and allowing sexual freedom to men and women is helpful for the advancement of culture. But anyway, this is just a fundamental disagreement that has not been fully solved.

And then Islam in the same point. Islam has never forgiven the West, it seems, is still going on today for colonialist activities, exploitation, such as what England and France did to the Turkish ex-colonies, of course, over Syria, the Syrian of war, other issues with some other areas, such as in Arabia. This is a cultural problem, and it's never been really discussed or synthesized, such as how to overcome this thesis-antithesis type of a battle that's going on. The second point is the fighting that's occurring within Islam between Sunni and Shia sects.

Of course, America has tended to back one side of this issue, such as the Sunni States, which has caused a lot of problems because the Shia States have been at odds with the Sunni States. And so this has become a kind of proxy war. And since it is a proxy war, Russia and sometimes China have taken the Shia side. And so it's becoming like not a battle between Islam itself, but also encouraged competition between Islam based on a power struggle between the West and the East or the Free States and the more Archaic States. And so another problem which is not based on religion itself, it's based on world politics and the balance of power on the world stage.

The third point is the religious conflict, which is the conflict between Islam versus Judeo-Christianity. Judeo Christianity, I put together because we will easily see Christians defending the Jews in this regard, and that is the protection of the city of Jerusalem, the missionary battle between the two religious groups, and, of course, the history of crusades based on religious supremacy.

What is really going on here between Islam and Judeo Christianity at the spiritual level? Fundamentally, there is one way to solve it, and it all depends on our view. So we can view one side as good and one side as evil, and then we will never be able to solve the problem. But historically, these are all brother religions that believe in the same God.

For instance, a passage in the Koran goes as follows, "Would you Christians and Judaists then dispute with us concerning God, who is our Lord and your Lord?" It also says, "Our God and your God is one." That is the Koran. The Koran also believes that Jesus was a righteous Prophet within the history of profits, whereas Christianity views Jesus as the ultimate savior and Lord. So if Jesus is the Lord of Christianity, who is the Lord of Judaism, well, if you read the word, Lord.

In the Old Testament, you will find a being named Yahweh, Yahweh, or Jehovah. So if Yahweh is the Lord of Judaism, Jesus is the Lord of Christianity, and then Allah is the Lord of Islam. How can it be that their Gods are the same and they are brother religions? Well, it is because there has been a huge misunderstanding about the difference between 'God' and 'the Lord.' So if we go back to the word God and separate the word Lord temporarily, what will we find?

So who is the God of Judaism? Well, if we read the Old Testament in Genesis, we will find the word, God. And it is Elohim. Elohim is the name of God. Elohim was the loving and merciful God in the Old Testament who created the Earth, who was the God of origin, the Alpha, and the Omega. And so if that's the God of Judaism, who's the God of Christianity? Well, Jesus often says, "my Father in Heaven", that is the God of Christianity. It is the God who inspired Jesus to teach the teachings of love, the teachings of faith, the teachings of tolerance, and loving one's neighbor. It is the teachings of "do not seek revenge or bear a grudge

against anyone among your people, but love your neighbor as yourself."

So if we can understand that God, Elohim, and Jesus' Father are both loving and merciful. What about Islam? That bears the most important burden of this argument. Islam is a religion which believes in Allah. And where did that come from? Well, first of all, the word "Allah" and the word "Elohim" came from the same root. Ala came from etymologies such as El or Ilah, which are conjugations of El and Alaha.

If Allah is the same being as Elohim and they're the Gods of both, Judaism and Islam. And Christianity teaches the Father of Jesus, who is known as God, then Elohim, God, and Allah are all the same being and they are the God of each religion. Therefore they are in fact brother religions.

Furthermore, if we can understand that it is not God who is wishing for the extinction or slaughter of other races or other religions, but God is a God of love. Elohim is a God of love and mercy, and the word Allah is also connected with the word mercy, then we can understand that it is not a problem of God. It is a problem of, as I said earlier, the word Lord. It means the being who is protecting the religion or excluding other religions are the ones who are really fighting.

Okay, so this brings us to the next point. This point can only be confirmed by the world's greatest psychic and spiritual teacher, Master Ryuho Okawa, who has conducted spiritual interviews with both Michael of the Old Testament and the New Testament. And Muhammed, the founder of Islam. This is the conflict point. So Michael (Archangel Michael) and Muhammed, both were born from the same part of the spirit world, the eighth-dimensional world of beings who changed history. They are the Tathagata, the Nyorais, or the Archangels who guide the world and cause massive shifts in history.

So Michael is supporting Israel. He is the patron Saint of Israel, and Michael is also guiding the United States military based on the Pentagon. And Muhammed is guiding on the other side of the Islamic world, which is to fight for their land, their culture, and their religion, to protect it from who they view as a threat. So it has once been said that the mark of an intelligent person is to be able to understand both sides of a contradictory argument. So that's what we are trying to do. There's no way to concede to this contradictory argument. All you can do is try to understand both sides, and both sides have 2,000 years' worth of arguments built up with lots of sophistication and reason.

All we can do is try to understand the other side of the argument. Michael, who is guiding America in Israel, and Muhammed, who is guiding the Islamic world, are at a clash, and they are both of the same spiritual level, and they are both completely different in their outlook for the world. So if we can start by one point which is understanding, and then from that understanding, understand that the Gods of each religion are the same, and it is the Patron Saint of each religion who are fighting.

It's not a battle of the highest being, but it's a battle of beings within the religion. And then we can understand that "from the seed of understanding, the fruit of forgiveness blossoms." We can understand that forgiveness is the only way that we can put it into the cycle of violence. So vengeance is what is obstructing this ideal. And vengeance is born from the hatred of the people living on the ground for each other and for feeling that the victims are being oppressed and persecuted. And there are oppressors on the other side who might be racist or might be bigoted in some way. But all of this can be overcome by turning back to the founding Gods of each religion which are the same. The founding God teaches mercy, love, and forgiveness. It teaches that forgiveness has power for social Reformation, cultural Reformation, and religious Reformation.

If we do not fear the Wrath of God, but we understand that God wishes for love and forgiveness on Earth. And it is the Patron Saint of each religion which are obtruding that or obstructing that the people on the ground have to be the ones who make the change through deciding that now is the time to make a difference. Now is the time to fully understand the other side all its complexities, and then forgive the other side, which will allow the Patron Saint of each religion to soothe their strife, to relax their tensions, and to ultimately move closer and closer to a world of love and mercy, which is God's intention.

It's a two millennia or three millennia-long problem, and we haven't seen the end of it. But there's one final card that exists beyond all this truth. That is the truth that Elohim, the God of Israel, the God of Islam, the God of Christianity, is now born on Earth today as El Cantare, and El Cantare, who is the God of all the Abrahamic religions, is teaching us what we need to do to forgive each other. All we have to do is have faith in Elohim (El Cantare) and allow the God of freedom, the God of Mercy, God of love, to work His magic on Earth. And it means we submit ourselves, or we allow God to do the work. We allow God to do the work that He was born to do by having faith in Him and trusting his plan. And after that, we can see the only synthesis, which means a world which all three sides all three religions can accept and believe in as acceptable and as ideal on a worldwide scale.

So let's see if that world can come to be through our understanding of the word faith and through our understanding of God.

Thank you very much for listening.