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VLM Radio: The True Science Behind Global Warming

What is the true science behind global warming and climate change? In our last radio episode, I spoke about essentially why more natural disasters and catastrophes are taking place. And it is simply because human beings have become arrogant, close minded, materialistic and prideful and trying to do things that are beyond the limit imposed upon humankind by the gods and by heaven.

But today I will be talking about the science behind global warming and the rise in climate change. And it all starts from one fact which Master Ryuho Okawa of Happy Science teaches, and that is something that most people are completely unaware of.

I will quote from Master Okawa, who says, "I believe that CO2 is not as bad as they claim, because life on Earth is actually supported by what is produced by CO2. CO2 is assimilated and converted into nutrients, thereby nurturing all living things, including plants and animals. CO2 is absorbed and converted into nutrients through photosynthesis, allowing plant life to flourish. This increases the population of animals who eat those plants, in turn increasing the population of animals who eat those animals, and so on. So, treating CO2 as an absolute evil is somewhat misguided."

"I also suspect that CO2 is not the true cause of global warming. Just as the movie called 2012 portrayed, there is a photon belt in the galaxy. A photon belt is like a band of electrons. The Earth is currently inside this photon belt, which is very much like being placed in a massive microwave oven.

This is causing Earth's core to grow hotter, increasing the earth's geothermal heat and thus increasing the surface temperature. This is what is making the world warmer, not CO2. It is this photon belt which is making the world warmer. Although this photon belt is covering Earth now, we will eventually come out of it. The photon belt is in motion. When it has passed through, the Earth will then begin cooling." Moreover, this belief in carbon totalitarianism saying that everything producing carbon is bad has caused trouble for developing nations.

Also, by affecting industrial production. It is worsening the already deteriorating economy in developed nations. What we see here is in fact a movement which has been spearheaded by kind of intellectual elite as well as the green, leftist type of political people. And those people are trying to drive the world into a more green, more eco-friendly, more independent energy grid, which is off fossil fuels and is more renewable in nature.

And of course, there has been an idea that by doing so, we can protect the Earth and make it a more beautiful place and keep our nations protected against the long-term decline in such fossil fuels. But what Master Ryuho Okawa is pointing out, is that this science is not as they say, especially when it comes to carbon emissions. And carbon emissions are something that are not actually bad for the animal life on Earth, the plant life on Earth, and even the very nature of the planet itself relies heavily upon carbon. And putting this carbon dioxide into the air is something that helps a lot of these things thrive.

The reason for the Earth warming is not due to carbon. It is due to this photon belt, which is heating the electrons in the Earth's atmosphere. And so, if that is the case, we must realize that we are in a stage where the world's continents might shift. The world's land is going to be moving around a little bit, including the water levels and other air areas.

So, things that are now deserts might become greener, and things that are now frozen might become lusher and more abundant. We cannot think that that is the end of the world. But it is a chance for a new civilization to grow out of those previously barren landscapes.

That is the real science and the real fact which is going on behind the scenes. And moreover, we do not want to bankrupt the already deteriorating industrial nations such as United States, EU, Japan, and other places where the GDP growth has been falling over the last 30 years. And we would like to return to prosperous industrial future where humankind can live happily in material abundance.

Moreover, the currently developing nations rely heavily upon the production of the selling of and the use of fossil fuels. So, it really damages their long-term prospects, especially their potential population increases, and their GDP increases by limiting the amount of carbon they can put out.

Next, Master Ryuho Okawa also said about global warming that as a Master of religion, he knows the last 10,000 years of history. And about 10,000 years ago, the ice age ended, and the world has gradually been warming since the end of that ice age. So, the temperature has been keeping its trend consistently. And since that is the case, it led a lot of civilizations to flourish.

What was previously an ice land, or a glacial age, is now becoming something where people can live and prosper. So, the modern science can decide almost nothing and change almost nothing about that historical fact. So, we must think what the real intention is behind the people who are just focused on the carbon emissions. And if it will lead to something good or bad, we must think much more carefully about that. We must not be so simple.

As I have described in the past on this channel, I have called it green communism. That phrase sounds a little bit harsh, but this green communism comes from this Leninist-type belief that the current leaders of the world, such as the United States and Japan, and free countries across Europe, and all around the world, countries that promote democracy and freedom. And, they have a lot of their population believing in God.

Such countries are the ones who will be severely punished by the strict mandates on the private sector about the amount of carbon emissions one company can put out. And by doing so, it allows the former Communist states and the more Soviet-type States who are lagging in their GDP. It allows those countries to compete against countries with strong private sectors. It is a kind of green communism that really damages the leaders of the world and allows the more communistic-type countries to compete on the economic platform with those countries.

We must think about not just what feels right emotionally, but what the long-term strategy of such big decisions will make on the world balance of power and on the current structures of the world order. We must think about these things much more seriously. Beyond that, we also have one more point, which is the fact that the world right now would benefit in more than one way from the increase in green life.

Basically, the amount of CO2 produced on Earth currently is much less than, for example, the clouds of CO2 that covered the Earth when the volcanic Mountain, Vesuvius of Pompei, erupted. Those numbers relating to CO2 must have been calculated by the number crunchers most likely. But "natural self-purification system will work itself out. So, it is not a matter to be concerned about."

Let me break that down for a second. The world has a natural self-purification system which is amazingly powerful. When things are unbalanced, the Earth naturally moves in the most proper direction to purify itself, changing the natural geography of the world, and then allowing things to be purified by increased water flow, decrease in tundra regions, and a decrease in heavy desert regions. These things might be naturally self-purified.

And the kind of left-wing stance that wants human beings to make things change is quite arrogant, since human beings are miniscule, tiny creatures which have no power to really change the macro-scale nature of the world. In fact, there is a spirit which is guiding over this planet, which has sometimes been called Gaia, sometimes been called the Earth consciousness. And that Earth consciousness is much more intelligent than any human being. It is much more powerful than all human beings on the planet combined. And it can do enormous things to naturally self-purify itself and make things work out for the better.

So, the population can increase, the population can reach 10 billion and everyone on Earth can be fed and healthy and survive in such a planet, and that's all God's plan for the world. This idea that the world will come to an end is completely based on misguided thinking. We must go back to the beginning and think about the vegetation of the world. Thank you for staying with us.