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The World Continues to Turn (Week in Review)

Today we have some news from around the world and I will be talking about that in a little bit of detail. So first we have our latest article, which is about the true science of global warming. So, you might have seen I put out a video, I put out some articles online about first the spirits in heaven and how they are influencing this world, such as the power of the gods, the anger of the gods and their manifestation through natural disasters and catastrophes. Then I went to the scientific perspective and from the lessons of Master Ryuho Okawa.

Master Okawa teaches us that this world, although it seems like we are getting hotter and hotter because of carbon emissions: the real reason for the rise in temperatures is, in fact, because the earth entered a photon belt within the galaxy, and that means that the core of the earth is getting warmer and warmer, and it allows for continental drift and for the moving around of ice structures and land structures on earth. A difference in the essentially the ocean levels and we are seeing changes that are taking place not because of carbon, but because of this photon belt, which is a band of electrons inside the galaxy that this planet has entered. And that is what is causing these shifts in the earth's environment, so I talked about it, and you can read it online or you can check out the other YouTube video.

Inflationary Pressures

If you are following us on Instagram, you might have seen some posts about the economy or you might have seen our web article about the economy. So, first, you know Larry Summers, a very famous man in the United States in the business world and in the economic world. He basically said, although he is a democrat, he does disagree with the actions the federal reserve has been taking and the economy is not as good as people are saying. There is a big bubble, and he does not want this bubble to burst and furthermore, we have seen inflation rising steadily.

I just recently reported about the inflation numbers. In fact, the consumer price index showed 13-year highs in inflationary inflationary signals and the American people are really feeling it when they are buying gasoline, they are buying lumber, they are buying homes. These things that people need and want are rising, rising, rising and we see high numbers the highest since 2008, so people are really worried about it, and they should be.

Master Ryuho Okawa has been warning human beings around this planet that the real economy after coronavirus came in has been suffering, and these inflationary trends that we are now seeing here at Victory of Light Media that we have been reporting about. These are not based on strong economic numbers; they are based on inflationary trends. So, what that means is the real economy is not getting better. The real situation on the ground is not getting better, but we are seeing demand-based government-based unemployment-reducing policies which are not through the private sector, and so it is therefore creating a bubble, and there are more and more dollars being pumped into the system.

Every country around the globe is doing similar things pumping out currency, but the fundamental supply numbers have not been matching up to those demands, and so we are seeing inflationary pressures. This is very dangerous, and we must realize that what we are going through is not something that is solvable from a governmental perspective. What we need is stronger supply side measures to boost up the real economy and bring down these inflationary pressures. So, we will continue looking at this issue and warning people about the chance of a future recession coming up this year or coming soon, because this bubble, that is getting bigger and bigger, does not seem to have a matching solution on the productivity front or on the growth front of the real economy.

Southeast Asia

We have also been reporting about the issues in Southeast Asia, such as Myanmar, such as what we are seeing in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and the freedom movements that are being suppressed in those nations, in those countries, and how the government basically wants people to remain silent. You can learn more about it on our website. Essentially, Victory of Light Media wants these democracies to be restored to real democracies, so they are being pressured to go to the authoritarian regimes to give power to the governments, but we are wishing for the power to go back to the people. That is God's will. That is the wish of heaven: give the power back to the people and to the democracies to allow human beings, as children of God, as children of Buddha, to have human rights, to have the freedom to choose their representatives, to choose their laws, and not be forced under military pressure to give in to what the government demands.

It is a great thing that three US senators did meet with Tsai Ing-wen, the true president of Taiwan. And Taiwan is a real country. That is so important to say. There has been a lot of pressure around the world, preventing people from saying those words. Taiwan is a country, but it is a country, it has a democracy, it is a light of Asia because it creates real prosperity. It is a land of freedom and democracy, and it has its own sovereignty that allows it to shine a light of virtue into the military dictatorships and the communist regimes. It is a force of freedom, and so it allows real institutions to flourish. It allows real religious movements to prosper, and it allows people to fulfill their life destiny as children of Buddha, as children of God.

And that is why we, Victory of Light Media stand by Taiwan, which is a real country, and we hope you can keep saying this and letting people know this around you, about Taiwan and about why Taiwan’s system, philosophy, and way of governance is superior to communist governance and communist philosophy. Because it surely is. By letting people know this, around you, by letting them know the truth, it helps them realize in their own countries where things can go wrong and what they must do to keep them from going on this dangerous path towards communism and military dictatorship. That is God's will. So please continue to preach that message to those around you.

Middle East

We have also seen a lot of interesting movements in the Middle East, such as after 13 years, Benjamin Netanyahu’s reign is finally and officially over. The former Prime Minister of Israel is now criticizing the current regime, but they have ousted him. They have replaced him and there is no way he can come back into power until maybe he wishes to run again, but we do not see that as likely.

But around the same time, we have seen a lot of strange movements in Iran. There was a major ship that sank, a major plant which caught into flames, and a few other huge fire outbreaks and catastrophes on the national scale around Iran and people are wondering: Is it a coincidence, or is it God's will, or is it sabotaged by a foreign military or foreign intelligence agency? So, we do not know which is which, we do not know what the case is, so we are looking to Iran seeing what is really going on there, and we will continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed.

Exposing China

And, lastly, more truths are coming out about China’s evil practices. Such as the concentration camps in Uyghur that we have reported about. More and more countries are labeling it as a concentration-camp, as human rights abuses, or exposing it through testimonies. Just what really is going on there, such as the mass killings, rapes, forced organ harvestings and other human rights abuses beyond human comprehension? We talked about that in our article: "How Much Evil Can Human Beings Comprehend?" And we broke that into a few sections. And so far, we have reported about some issues, including the concentration camps in Uyghur. I hope you can check it out and let people know about what is really going on there.

On the other front, in China, more and more countries, more and more news agencies, more and more reporters are revealing the fact that all the evidence points to the fact that the coronavirus was created in the Wuhan institute of Virology by researchers and was either leaked or intentionally released. More people are on the side of it was leaked from the lab, but it is becoming not a conspiracy theory, but it is becoming the norm and the common belief. And although advertisers and major broadcasting companies, major social media platforms, used to ban people talking about such things, they are now letting them speak freely about it.

So, we are seeing changes in the people's attitudes in the people's opinions and is this is becoming broken open as a huge scandal. We have not seen China really come up with a counter to this argument, which is the newest iteration of the argument. They are just saying, "Oh, it might have been the bat soup, or it might have been US military sabotaging China. All these crazy theories... But essentially, people are learning the truth, and this is great news, because the illegitimate regime, the dark regime of the CCP which has taken the people of China as their slaves, put 1.4 billion people under complete oppression. They are now being revealed as a power-hungry nation or as a nation willing to break rules, morals, and scientific practices which are not allowed in most countries.

In order to get to the top, they really want to become the number one superpower in the world, and we cannot allow them to do that if they continue their current way of thinking. So that is the wish of heaven. It is to "just urge China to self-reflect" and if they can reflect upon their past misdeeds and the things which they are currently doing, which are on the dark side, then they can change their ways become a nation which is emitting virtue, doing good things for the world, and doing altruistic things for the benefit of humanity. They have the money, they have the resources, and they have the power, but they are using it in all the wrong ways.

All they must do is self-reflect, realize their mistakes, pledge to correct their mistakes, and then start taking positive actions. Then the world will allow them to ascend, which is what they really want, and allow true peace on earth to be restored. And the earth will be purified by allowing freedom, democracy, and faith to spread to all nations on earth, which is the true will of God. And there is nothing that the communist regimes of the world can do to change that.

We will continue to support such movements and continue to air this message. So, thank you for standing with us and we hope you can share it out to your social media and really help this movement become something bigger, which is God's Warriors of Light, who are on this earth to make this world a better place. You are one of those people and we hope you can stay with us. Thank you very much.