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The god of poverty strikes back

In Japan, there is a term known as Binbōgami (貧乏神). It refers to the "god of poverty" or the "ghost of poverty." It is a spirit which possesses people, businesses, or even large organizations such as nations.

From Japanese Wiki Corpus: "Basically, the god looks like a dirty old man, thin and pale, and appears with a sad expression and an uchiwa (round fan) in his hand. It is believed that no matter what the appearance, it always likes lazy people. When it possesses a home, it prefers to live in the closet."

Master Ryuho Okawa has described their origin as follows, "as for where these spirits of poverty come from, most of them used to be people who, while they were living in this world, ran some kind of business on their own only to have their company go bankrupt. They met a tragic end, such as suicide by hanging or having their families split up and their lives turned upside down. Such people turn into what we call spirits of poverty."

It has been some time since this topic was mentioned, until R.A. Goal sent a spiritual message to Master Ryuho Okawa on January 30th, 2021...

I think the U.S. has truly been possessed by the god of poverty…It's a human resources crisis. I feel sorry for them. R.A. Goal (Space Being from Andalucía Beta)

Victory of Light Media aims to help create a world which is bright. Poverty does not suit angels of light in the modern era. In our quest to crush evil forces, we also take aim at forces which drag humankind down, such as the ghost of poverty.

Now, America seems to be headed towards its downfall. Yet, how far that downfall goes depends entirely on the mindset and efforts of the American people. There is always something we can do in every circumstance to improve our environment.

From the book, "Prosperity Thinking":

"So, the question is, 'How do you save the nation when its top leader is possessed by a spirit of poverty?' This is the very question that I’m tackling right now. If you get rid of the

leader targeted by that spirit of poverty, I’m sure the problem would resolve itself somehow."

"Why do nations fall into financial deficit and become poor? This is because the work that the government does isn’t making the people wealthier. It’s because the government isn’t

doing things to let its people gain wealth. It’s because the work that the government is doing is making its people poor."

How can we survive when the nation is urging for bankruptcy?

One crucial focus is decision-making. The god of poverty always chooses wrong on 50/50 bets. Management basically entails of decision-making. Those who make correct decisions, day-after-day, will not go bankrupt. We have freedom in this regard.

To improve one's decision making capabilities, we must open ourselves up to correct inspirations. A process to do so is as follows:

  1. Work hard everyday with a spirit of 'self-help'

  2. Sincerely reflect on your mistakes, taking full responsibility for them

  3. Maintain a positive, active, and constructive mindset

  4. Look around for hints and clues for success in the world around us

  5. Believe in the power of the Heavenly world, without relying too much upon it

As we improve our decision-making ability, we will begin to walk the correct direction, against the masses in the crowd. But we can be confident that the way we walk will save us in the truest sense.