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In China, there has been a long history of cloning and gene-editing. While cloning and gene-editing technology has been used by China for many years, its use has recently expanded with the establishment of more research centers. The Chinese government is also implementing strict controls on who can have access to these technologies as well as where they can be used.

Another key player in the Chinese government's expansion of cloning and gene-editing technology is BGI (formerly known as Beijing Genomics Institute), a private company that is a world leader in DNA sequencing, genome analysis, and gene-editing technologies.

Cloning In China

Cloning in China dates back to the 1990s when Chinese scientists used tissue culture to produce porcine cell lines. This differs from current cloning practices in that this technique allowed scientists to create multiple copies of a certain cell rather than whole organisms. In 2006, Chinese scientists were able to clone pigs by using this technique. This led to the development of more advanced techniques such as embryo cloning. Embryo cloning is the process of creating an organism from an embryo that has been created by combining DNA from two different organisms through genetic engineering. Under this method, the resulting organism would be a genetic duplicate of one or both of the organisms that contributed DNA.

In any case, we have seen China expanding this capability, until in 2018, when He Jianku help produce genetically edited babies. Much of this research is done using CRISPR technology, which is a quite similar process to the gene-editing used in gain-of-function research for building deadly viruses. In a previous episode, I exposed how China created a deadly virus through these gene-editing technologies before releasing said virus upon the world.

Where Are We?

The next fear is that China, which devotes its entire cultural superstructure to strengthening the Communist Party achieving its national goals, will use this technology to edit human genomes and foster in a new race of super-soldiers. In fact, in December of last year, then US director of national intelligence John Ratcliff announced China was researching these very matters. At that time, he said that "there are no ethical boundaries to Beijing's pursuit of power." Similarly, Vladimir Putin said a major threat to humanity is the man-made creation of "a soldier, a man who can fight without fear, compassion, regret or pain."

We are closer than we might think to the mass production of clone soldiers, like those from Star Wars. In other words, these are soldiers with identical faces and strong bodies who never fall… Such a plan may steadily be in progress. This plan might be steadily being implemented. It might seem impossible, but truthfully, human beings are viewed as animals or robots by atheists and communists.

Going further, Master Ryuho Okawa of Happy Science has recently revealed the words of the spirit who is presently guiding Xi Jinping. In those words, he displayed his intentions to create such clone soldiers by experimenting on ethnic Mongolians, Tibetans, and other occupied regional peoples. He expressed that although he knew such experiments are risky, he would be willing to do it upon such people, whom he deems are inferior races to Han Chinese.

What can we do?

With all of this said, some actions we must now take are to call the world's powers to put more pressure economically and militarily on China to stop such experiments. We also must be bold and strong to insist for the inspection of such "dark facilities" and to guarantee that this research is not being done behind closed doors.

On the religious frontier, we will continue to spread the belief and fact that human beings are divine entities created by God, and this is the basis for human rights. It is God who allows the creation and propagation of humankind, not rogue scientists in a secret laboratory. It is also the duty of religion to warn others about the wrath that God sometimes shows when humans start to become arrogant and pretend they are gods. Such incidents in the past have been met with divine punishment and natural catastrophes.

Please share this information with your friends and acquaintances. Where light shines, darkness must concede. Stay with us. Thank you.

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