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How Much Evil Can Human Beings Comprehend? [Part 3]

China has put millions of people into concentration camps. The real conditions inside the camps have been a mystery for many years. But new revelations are showing the extreme brutality of the Communist regime and their commitment to the destruction of the Uyghur ethnicity.

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Recent Attention

Recent attention has been shown towards China's human rights abuses in the Xinjiang region. Each time the story enters the news cycle again, new revelations are exposed. The facts coming out also seem to be getting more and more heinous. The truth is that China is conducting a type of war on humanity. Across Europe, labels of genocide are being used. The sanctions on Beijing are getting tighter and tighter. So, what is really going on?

How Many People Interned?

Estimates of the number of interned Uyghurs are between 1 million and 3 million. There have been over 380 camps discovered by satellite imaging. They are often put into hard-labor, manufacturing, and re-education. Some are used as Guinea pigs for medical experiments and used for organ-harvesting. Punishments for misbehavior include physical beatings and electrocution.

Ms. Tursunay Ziawudun spent 9 months in China's system of concentration camps. She says many prisoners were subject to mass-rape and torture. In her experience, women were brought down a corridor to a "black room", where there were no surveillance cameras. They were then raped, usually by multiple men. Ms. Ziawudun says she experienced this horrific act three times. She later stated, "they say people are released, but in my opinion everyone who leaves the camps is finished."

It is not as if the Uyghur people are launching a militant resistance to Beijing. "Ilham Tohti is one of the most renowned Uyghur public intellectuals who is serving a life sentence in China for his advocacy for the Uyghur people." He proposed to make the anniversary of the Urumqi riots the ‘Day of Racial Harmony” and organized cultural exchanges between the races during the summer holidays. His pure soul and noble legacy has lived on among the Uyghur people, despite the Chinese Communist Party trying to delete his name and image from the Chinese internet.

Imprisonment of ideological enemies and forced internment of races deemed inferior are repulsive to the democratic conscience. Despite the defenders of China's conduct, these topics are not something that are being exaggerated or misunderstood. Concentration camps are ultimately heinous, in each and every form. Hannah Arendt, in one of her many quotes on the subject stated, "Unlikely as it may sound, these camps are the true central institution of totalitarian organizational power." She stated that the goals of concentration camps were to break the human spirit and to "transform men into uncomplaining animals." [The Origins of Totalitarianism]

Shift in Brand Behavior

There has been a shift in brand behavior as a result of the new light being shed on the plight of the Uyghur people.

H&M spent 15 years trying to win over the CCP and gain market access. Despite this, they are still a Western company at heart. That is why, after they made the decision to stop using cotton from forced labor in Xinjiang, China became fed up. In totalitarian fashion, China removed hundreds of H&M stores from their internet, encouraged boycotts of their products, and even the destruction of their clothing.

Jude Blanchette, Chair of China Studies at CSIS states, "Brands can no longer please both China and the West. They’re going to have to pick a side, and there will be fallout whatever they choose." In fact, Fast Company reports that Nike, Adidas, and Visa could be next. Those companies too have gotten into similar predicaments over this controversy.

These brands are caught between their Western Millennial employees and their Chinese brand ambassadors. Millennials tend to highly value human rights and corporate social responsibility, whereas the Chinese ambassadors are being pressured by both Chinese citizens and the official spokespeople of the Chinese Communist Party.

The absurdity of it all is that these companies were, in fact, created in and are headquartered in Western Democracies, which value human rights, and this was the very reason their companies could prosper in the first place. The economic prospects of winning over the Chinese market is enticing, but there should be no question over which market should be more important to these brands.

What's Next?

Ultimately, what we need most right now is a fair system of balancing news coverage to the severity of a problem. In order to promote a robust democracy, the media must report on terrible injustices in the world without regard to economic interests. Laissez-faire Capitalism tends to take the path of least resistance, but now is a case of a genocide on a massive scale. Victory of Light Media entreats the major Western broadcasters to spend more time speaking of this atrocity, despite the pushback by China.

Luckily things have been changing in many ways. Chinese propaganda outlets, which defend Chinese policy positions whenever questioned, have received some backlash. Public opinion towards China has dramatically shifted [in a negative direction] in Western Democracies. The momentum of the world is gathering against Beijing on this issue. With the Winter Olympics being held in China next year, will the world take the initiative to force sweeping change through boycotts? Will companies cut Xinjiang labor out of their supply chains? Or will they crumble under their own greed for Chinese market access.

Hitler was not to be bargained with. What makes anyone think Xi is any different?

Stay with us.

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