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How Much Evil Can Human Beings Comprehend? [Part 2]

In recent years, China has made rapid advances in biotechnology. Whereas China has historically been a leading producer of vaccines and other such drugs, these new developments have led many outside observers to worry about its intentions.

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A Curious Timeline

7000 BC: China becomes the world's first country to ferment beverages

1346: Genghis Khan conducts biological warfare using the Black Plague

2006: US (HHS) and China (MOH) begin joint secret research on viruses

2008: China Creates the Thousand Talents Plan with one major focus on Biotech

2011: Chinese synthetic innovation

2015: China begins using CRISPR gene-editing on human embryos

2016: China opens a cloning factory in Tianjin

2017: Biology made one of China's core military pillars

2018: Surge of investment into Chinese biotech

2019: China has an explosive innovation growth in biotech

2019: China weaponizes the Coronavirus in the Wuhan Institute of Virology

2020: China Pursuing ‘Aggressive’ Biotechnology Strategy

2020: China spreads the Coronavirus intentionally around the world

2020: US Pentagon reveals China's Super-Soldier biotech program

Biological Warfare

In the previous article, I mentioned that China's autocratic system allows the entire nation to unite around areas of designated strategic importance. Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology were boosted to new heights because of these government mandates. In addition, biotechnology followed a very similar trajectory.

It has often been said that military competition stimulates scientific innovation. This principle applied to China's unfettered desire for biotechnological dominance. For many years, China followed a strategy called "Peaceful Rise." They aimed to become an economic superpower while remaining militarily peaceful. They attracted the cooperation of the West to build themselves up as a world power. Yet, their policy of peace was changed in 2007, and China suddenly became intensely predatorial and aggressive after the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008.

Since the West had given China all the building blocks for scientific advancement, they began to urgently work towards becoming a formidable rival of the US which could eventually take position as the World Leader. One of the key designated areas for that was through biotechnology. Why biotechnology though? For one, Chinese military strategy has, for thousands of years, been based upon indirect warfare. In addition, their strategy morphed into "unrestricted warfare."

The CCP felt it could eventually defeat the US by avoiding direct confrontation, continuously damaging America in covert, and causing them to repeatedly accept China's interests. If morality is taken away, then weaponizing a highly contagious virus might just be the ultimate method for China's ascendance.

The bio-engineering of COVID-19 began long ago. But the weaponization of such a contagion was much more recent. The Wuhan Institute of Virology became embroiled in a massive scandal internally in China when the virus broke containment and entered the population. How did this happen? China believes there was foul-play by either a saboteur or by the United States. The truth is much more sensational and unusual.

An extraterrestrial being from Andalucía Beta and his crew initiated the leak of the virus, from the laboratory, into Wuhan. China's leadership became overwhelmed and pushed to the verge of catastrophe. Yet, Xi Jinping wouldn't make the same mistake as the Soviet Union, which let Chernobyl bring down the nation. Instead, the city was raided by authorizes, evidence was seized, scientists were silenced, and draconian information control began.

This was worrisome enough, but China decided to go on offense. New strains of the virus were launched into major metropolitan areas, even using means such as drones to release the virus over targeted locations. The world became overwhelmed. Lockdown measures were initiated. Economies began to break down. Leaders were flummoxed.

It all can be traced back to the Chinese Communist regime and their dastardly plan to turn their inevitable destruction into motivation to survive by any means necessary. Pushed up against the wall by the International Community, China made effort after effort to severely damage the World Order and cause each country to focus inward.

However, their menace didn't end there. On September 26, 2020, the Chinese Communist Party committed the ultimate act of terrorism. They summoned the courage to directly target the US President. President Trump was infected with COVID-19 at the nomination ceremony for Justice Amy Coney Barret. Behind the scenes of this infection was China, who used a small drone containing the virus to infect the President and those around him. If this scoop becomes accepted as fact, we have to imagine the repercussions of a nation committing bioterrorism against the POTUS.

Communist China has been on a warpath for more than 10 years. At the same time, they've been hellbent on becoming the number 1 superpower in the field of biotechnology. If a nation were to stoop so low as to using biological weapons to terrorize the world and crush the global economy for their benefit, it would mean their actions are essentially parallel to Hitler's actions between 1939-1945.

We may think that no country's leadership, in their right mind, would act so recklessly. But we must never underestimate the Chinese Communist Party, which was the most murderous organization of the previous century.

What will happen next? Stay with us.

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