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How Much Evil Can Human Beings Comprehend? [Part 1]

People of our day often imagine "the greatest manifestation of evil" as mass genocide, torture, rape, or other horrifically destructive actions and ideas. Some people describe Hitler as the most evil man who ever lived. Others speak of Satan and his negative spiritual influence. Yet, in the today's CCP-led China, what the world has previously recognized as morally incomprehensible has become commonplace.

AI Surveillance-State [Part 1]

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The Great Firewall

China's internet is protected by the great firewall. Here's how it works:

China's internet is divided into three segments: domestic intranet, national firewall, and global internet.

  • Domestic intranet shares the same physical infrastructure as the global internet.

  • The national firewall covers all of China, so the only way to reach outside of it would be through a VPN or other specially configured connection.

  • All internet traffic from inside mainland China passes through this national firewall before it can reach any outside websites.

  • This means if you're in mainland China and open any website that contains Anti-CCP sentiment, your computer gets a message that says "this webpage is not available".

Censorship-Power Spreading

I recently covered the internet blackouts in Myanmar. There was chatter that the military regime might be working with the CCP to install a similar firewall in the country. This wouldn't be the first time something like that has been done. China has been using its influence to spread similar types of censorship to foreign countries. This is something to beware of.

AI Surveillance-State

Being a centralized autocracy has some advantages. For one thing, the leadership can concentrate the whole national economic policy on specific issues. Technology and Artificial Intelligence leadership became China's mandate. Their deadline to become the world leader in these areas was set to 2030.

Looking at the present situation today, we can see that China has been making progress. Of the country's 1.4 billion population, over 95% are constantly being tracked in China's state-run database. The country also has one facial recognition camera installed for every 2 people. Everywhere anyone in China goes is tracked. The people they speak with are also tracked. Social incentives are given to people who report anti-patriotic activity, whether they are in their neighborhood or even their family.

The AI Surveillance-State grows bigger and more powerful by the day. The ultimate goal of their "Sharp Eyes" project is to surveil 100% of public space. The reason for doing so is to maintain "stability" by quickly arresting or punishing anyone, anywhere who is deemed a threat to the communist party or to the state.

To reach their targets, they will have to transfer their systems to 5G Technology, which is why the global competition over 5G has been so aggressive. We saw this take place in 2019 and 2020 in regards to Chinese Telecom, Huawei. After having been accused of collaborating with the Chinese Military (PLA) and giving user data to the CCP Government, the world started pushing back. Countries such as Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and the United States decided to ban Huawei from their countries.

After the arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou by the Canadian Police, China punished Canadian citizens and attempted to bribe American and Canadian citizens to act against the interests of their home countries. It was even dramatized in a movie!

Connected with this issue are recent accusations of racism among Huawei and the Chinese State technological apparatus. It wasn't the first time these tech companies have been accused of immoral or malicious practices.

So can the Chinese people tolerate these systems if they lead to a better future? That's hard to say. 40% of the polled Chinese population said they oppose such facial recognition technologies. 70% said that they are worried about breaches and leaks of the stored data.

Perhaps things would be different if China was the lead country of innovation and market dynamism. But a certain percentage of key innovations have been "stolen" from other countries.

It seems as if the world is so overwhelmed by the amount of malicious activity by the CCP that their judgement just shuts down. It is almost certain to imagine the liberalist democracies punishing any other nation who committed the same acts. Over the next seven articles in this series, we will see just how dark things have really gotten in China.

Will it be a matter of the world hitting a breakwater point? Is the financial benefit of working with China really so appealing? If so, how much evil has to be committed to change the world's judgements?

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