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Are UFOs and UAPs Really Alien Spacecraft?

For a long time, UFOs and aliens were one of the most ridiculed topics and were easily passed off as hoaxes, lies, and delusions. But things have been changing recently. Things are being shown in a different light, and it all comes from mainstream media reports of UFOs which were captured on camera, or ex-military veterans who describe their experience witnessing UFOs or even coming in contact with extra-dimensional or extraterrestrial beings.

That is why things are in a certain confusing situation because everything in the past was viewed as hoaxes, lies, and delusions or honest mistakes of people who didn't understand what they were seeing or even as new government technology. Anytime someone explained that these extraterrestrial beings are in fact what they seem to be, they were called all types of names. But again, as I said, things are changing.

I saw something posted by Robin Hanson from Overcoming Bias. He put a poll out on his page. The voters got to decide UFO cases, which are hard to explain. How would they describe it?

57% said they were delusions, 17% said it was secret government technology. 10% said it was lies and hoaxes, and 16% said they were aliens or something hidden from a more advanced society or time travelers or something even weirder.

With all that said, I was a little disappointed. So, things are being shown in the public light. New York Times did a big piece, Fox News did a big piece. Even former US Senator Harry Reid has been very vocal. We've seen people appearing in the most popular shows, such as Joe Rogan's podcast and other platforms.

They all seem to be saying the same thing, that the aliens do come in contact with humans on an almost daily basis, that UFO sightings are happening, which are unexplainable on a regular basis, and they break the laws of physics. Such UFOs break the laws of physics.

That would indicate that either the US military personnel or other military personnel from foreign Nations are not delusional. They're not lying and they're not creating a hoax. And if they don't know what these crafts are, it cannot be secret government tech unless they are unaware of secret programs that are essentially happening despite them having high-security clearances. They are not allowed to know.

The CIA put out a big dump of materials recently and they're scheduled to release more. It also says that all these topics were discussed within the CIA headquarters and within the CIA buildings, and there were hundreds of interviews done and thousands of reports done, and the people at the highest ranks of the CIA either weren't allowed to speak about it or they weren't aware of what was really going on. General Mattis was blocked from being briefed about aliens when he was the head of the United States Pentagon.

We're seeing here, something very, very strange has been happening. It's been happening for at least the last 70 years. The people who are speaking about it are becoming more and more believed. Recently, they're being more accepted and brought to mainstream media.

With all that said, what is really going on here? At Victory of Light Media, we are trying to expose the darkness that exists in this world with that darkness includes not just evil, but also secrecy. The light of truth has a certain power to illuminate the darkness, but also illuminate secrecy. And by doing so, we can essentially show what's going on to the people where the spotlight shines.

Evil things and crimes and other types of hidden dark activities are exposed, which makes the world a better place. So if there are, as the author Robin Hanson says, more honest, sober people coming out recently putting out strong claims, we cannot easily say that such people are delusional. Such people are lying, or such people are creating hoaxes. We cannot say with all these military personnel, CIA personnel, and others that we can blame secret military technology. So that puts us down to aliens or something more strange.

Victory of Light Media receives the greatest source of light through the teachings of Master Ryuho Okawa. The person on Earth with the highest level of enlightenment and the greatest psychic abilities has been exposing these types of things since the 1980s. He has been showing clearly, competently and, consistently the truth of UFOs and extraterrestrials.

So what is the truth? The truth is that aliens are visiting this planet on a very frequent and regular basis. They are in the skies. They are on the ground. They are in space. They are always doing something to interact with this planet. They're all over and they come from across the entire universe.

Beings from hundreds of places have appeared through Master Ryuho Okawa’s

spiritual readings and spiritual investigations. They are advanced. They are non-humanoid. In a majority of the cases, they are doing something to affect this world. But they are not seen very often or if they are seen, it's covered up.

Why is that? It is because there is a certain agreement. There's a certain pact. The pact says that humans on Earth are meant to evolve independently of the universe. They are supposed to engage in their own civilizations and their own evolution as a species without being interrupted by beings from outside this planet.

So, whenever there's a case of someone trying to manipulate and interrupt the Earth civilization or to steer it strongly in a certain direction, there is a type of Earth Defense

force or Galactic defense force that steps in and corrects the injustices. There's a type of, you could say, United Nations or police who come in and correct the injustices and the mistakes that is the truth of the matter.

Moreover, they have been visiting us for a long, long time. The other truth is that human beings are spiritual beings. So we reincarnate on this physical planet every few

hundred years and again came down, live a life on Earth, accumulate various experiences, and return to the spiritual world. Aliens too, enter the Earth's atmosphere, and spiritually

over time they can be born into human bodies through reincarnation.

Perhaps 30 to 40% of all humans living on Earth originally came from somewhere else.

The rest were created by God here on Earth. But a vast part of the Earth's spirit world came from elsewhere, and since it came from elsewhere, it means characteristics of the former planet or civilization or star from which they came are being brought and introduced into the Earth's ecosystem or the Earth social atmosphere.

All these things are completely true. There's no doubt about that if you'd like to learn more. Master Okawa, who inspires many of the ideas of Victory of Light Media. He has published a vast number of books on the subject.

A great book to start out would be The Laws of the Sun. Another book of his that talks more in-depth is called UFOs Caught on Camera. Another book is called With Savior, which includes the spiritual messages of an extraterrestrial being watching over the Earth whose name is Yaidron. If you are interested in this topic, you must learn about Yaidron. Yaidron is very, very important.

There's another being called Metatron. You can learn more about him through some of the other books of Master Ryuho Okawa.

I believe it is not just our duty or responsibility, but it is a must that we learn about what is really going on in the world and learn about the role of Yaidron and Metatron and their interactions with the planet Earth.

Lastly, we can learn that there is a being named RA Goal. RA Goal. That being was in charge of the program which was very much connected to the leak of the Corona Virus from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Please study about this more and more through the teachings of Master Ryuho Okawa.

Of course, you can find a great number of articles on the Internet, a great amount of media speaking about the truth of aliens. But if you do not know about Yaidron Metatron and RA Goal, you're still a beginner. And I say that with total confidence and courage.

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Let's pray to make this world a better place.

Thank you very much.

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